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The area has a long history going back to pre-Roman times whose modern name comes from the Saxon meaning ‘open land by the hill’. Ancient earthworks are scattered across the parish and the Roman city of Silchester is located about 5 kms away just outside the current village of the same name.

Most of Burghfield Village and its triangular village green has grown up alongside the Burghfield Road which runs south from the A4 west of Reading; unlike much of Reading, Burghfield has managed to retain its essential village character.

The rapid development of the surrounding area had an additional spur from the construction of the M4 motorway that made the area more attractive to commuters as a dormitory location, and the resulting holes left behind by the gravel extractions provided lakes for dinghy sailing and water skiing resulting in a varied and vibrant community.

This web site seeks to bring that kaleidoscope of activity into focus by highlighting the many local resources that Burghfield, Burghfield Common and the surrounding villag
es have to offer. We have a busy, lively and vibrant community - we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

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Updated: 2-June-2019